Some Information About Bingo Cards

Bingo is a sort of popular lottery casino game. The rules of the game are very easy to remember and understand. Players buy special bingo cards with numbers written in rows of squares. The configuration of the bingo card depends on the variation of the bingo game you play. You may play bingo online through the use of special gambling services, or download printable bingo cards and play bingo at home with your friends and family. You may also find empty bingo cards on the Internet and fill them in with numbers by yourself. By the way, there is a legend about the mathematician Karl Leffer who had created a huge number of different bingo cards (something about 6000) during a very short period of time, and consequently he had lost his mind. Nobody knows is this legend really true, however, it was a good promotional tool during the Great Depression, when it all is considered to happen. In bingo, you play against gambling establishment represented by dealer. In real bingo houses, there is a rotating drum, in which there are many balls marked with individual numbers. The dealer draws the ball out the rotational drum and all players look through their cards in search of this particular number. If you find the number in one of your card, you cross it out. Then the dealer draws out new balls again and again. You may find a bingo cards generator on the Internet, and play this game offline.

In British variation of bingo game, the prize fund is usually a certain percent of the sum which the players paid for their gambling cards. The prize fund is divided on three parts: for example, a person who was first in crossing out one row in his or her gambling card gets 20% of the whole sum, a person who was first in filling in two rows gets 30%, and a person who has completed the whole three rows receives 50% of the prize fund. Even though people usually play bingo games for money, this game is considered to be a sort of table game rather than a game of chance. The main reason why it happens is that bingo was actively supported by the church in the USA. Catholic priests used those games for the purpose of collecting contributions for churches’ needs.

As for American variation of the game, the configuration of the bingo cards for this game is slightly different. The game has five rows, with five squares in each row. The central square of the card is usually painted black or grey, and in other squares there are twenty four numbers from 1 to 75. The aim of the game is usually not to fill in the whole card, but to make a certain form or outline. Some people prefer this variation of game, and some like British bingo. No matter what game you prefer – just download bingo cards on special sites and play those exciting games!